Friday, July 3, 2009


I just want to follow up on the previous entry:  Those three young guys from Grey County did in fact turn up hungry (even though, they admitted, they had eaten a full supper before catching their bus) and managed to eat most of the chicken and the potatoes.  They made a dent in the skillet cake, but there was still plenty left in the morning.  

Does anybody want me to set out the skillet-cake recipe here?  I find it the easiest way to feed people a treat that is satisfying, and also fool-proof.

The other follow-up:  The municipal strike is continuing, so we are still watching the levels of compost in the green bin out front.  It is now just half-full.  (It still gives off no stench, except when I open it to quickly slide in some more garbage.)  So that means we could in theory last another three weeks.  We'd rather not have to, of course.  We know people who are taking their trash to the special dump sites set up in various parks.  But I'd rather try to last it out and not go near any picketed place.  Labour action needs to bite, on both sides.  There needs to be pressure on the parties to settle, and that doesn't happen if everyone can be accommodated another way.

And I haven't seen more rats, though I am really keeping an eye out for them, especially in the early morning when I head out for a short run through the university.

I'm off to eat fresh rice topped with stir-fried garden greens and a fried egg.  It continues to be the best morning meal, eaten mid- to late-morning.  Who needs variety when there is something so simply good to eat each day?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, please, for the skillet-cake recipe!